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Need to know your Mac's IP address? You've come to the right place. We show how to find this information, as well as explaining what an IP address is and the difference between internal and external IP addresses. Your IP address is your computer or device's location online. It's where the internet can find you, and how it can identify you, essentially.

Networking hardware needs to know this address in order to connect you to the internet, but it does this automatically, and it's quite rare that you'll need to know your IP address yourself. Your IP address can also be used to identify you and track your online activities. Google uses your IP address to localise your search results, for example. It's an unlikely scenario, but if someone had your IP address it is possible that they could hack you, so be wary about telling it to anyone.

Find your macOS Ethernet or wireless interface's MAC address

In fact, it could even lead them to you thanks to geolocation data, although to pinpoint your actual location it would probably be necessary to demand the information from your ISP - with a search warrant. It's more than likely that your ISP has provided you with a combined modem router, and that you connect to this wirelessly, in which case the below steps won't work for you. But just in case you are connected directly to a modem, via an Ethernet cable, here's what to do:.

Wi-Fi security is always an issue for home users especially when they are not fully aware of its customization settings.

These Wi-Fi connections are easily spread and shared in the neighborhood or suspicious people. Today, we will learn the different ways on how to check who is connected to your Wi-Fi on Mac.

  • IP Network Scanner.
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  • ‎LanScan on the Mac App Store.

Read this article for us to learn who is connected to my Wi-Fi on Mac and find out how to secure and block unwanted connections. Part 1. Login to Wi-Fi Router Part 2. Part 3. The steps on how to find, access, and login to your Wi-Fi router is the same in all Mac OS X versions even both on wireless and with Ethernet routers.

Simply hold down the Option key and then click on the Wi-Fi menu icon found on the top corner of your Mac. Here you can find the detailed information regarding your Wi-Fi connectivity including the router address.


Most router devices have included their router IP address found at the back of the device usually with the default username and password. Once you got the IP address, default admin username and password from your Wireless network provider you can now try logging in to check who is connected to your Wi-Fi or how many devices are connected to your router. To ensure that you are getting the best possible Wi-Fi signal at home or in your area, you can run diagnostics to see and monitor who and what devices connect to your Wi-Fi.

MAC spoofing

If you have been connected to several wireless networks and you want to manage these connections, you can do so by using FoneDog PowerMyMac. This powerful software contains all the needed tools to optimize, cleanup , and troubleshoot Mac. Through its Wi-Fi Analysis toolkit, you will be able to check your Wi-Fi details , including the username password. You can also monitor and test the online speed plus you can view all the wireless connections your device connected to.

Free Download. When you had already installed FoneDog PowerMyMac software on your Mac, simply launch the program and perform the following:.

Mac OS X - WhoFi

Are you having trouble with your Wi-Fi signal? Slow internet can be caused by many contributing factors. Most of which are poor signal connection, browser clutters saved cache and data , and even cluttered system. If you are searching for ways to improve and speed up your wireless connection, here are the tips you should try! Check to see if you are getting the right speed based on what you have subscribed for.

Next is to go to a speed test site to check your speed. One of the popular sites there is Speedtest.

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  4. Most of us are guilty of having multiple tabs while browsing and tend to leave these tabs open for so long. This practice causes slowness too because it takes a longer time for the browser to process your request since it has to handle the current tabs you have plus the new ones you are searching. Apart from that, there are apps we tend to open in the background but do not really use. A quick router reboot will also help in speeding up your connection. Simply turn off the router for a few seconds and then turn it back on. Once you have finished restarting the router, you can try and test your internet speed.

    Networks and MAC addresses.

    Turning your Mac into a hotspot is possible as long as your device runs on OS X You can practically enjoy internet sharing with friends by simply enabling it. After enabling this setting, you can now enjoy internet sharing with friends. There are plenty of options in checking your Wi-Fi connections.