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Just tested on my parents iMac which is a slightly older version of minecraft and much older iMac. But it works fine with multiple accounts It's not using a specific root folder.

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So that could be the problem. Maybe I can duplicate those files from the user account that works and paste them for one of the new users. Worth a shot John, as of today, I have the exact same issue as you experienced. After I updated to the new Minecraft launcher this morning, I started having this issue. I agree with your hunch that this is likely a bug in the new Minecraft launcher for Mac.

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Possible solutions:. Sep 26, PM. I had the same problem. For me, the problem was addressed when I installed the alternative launcher:. If you are using parental controls for appliances on your daughter's account, check those after the install. Oct 4, AM. Oct 31, PM in response to djcmvpeyton In response to djcmvpeyton. Oct 31, PM. UNOS meses habia borrado y Ahora no me deja Aqui les pongo lo que me dice. Descarga Minecraft. Dec 17, PM.

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I encountered this recently. What I discovered is that the. Simply changing the. However, uninstalling and reinstalling using the "legacy" installer did. Feb 8, AM. Jun 23, AM.

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Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: John-S John-S. More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. View answer in context. Loading page content. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Possible solutions: Use the old Minecraft launcher. Requires the old Java 6 runtime environment, so this may not be a desirable solution.

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This one requires Java 8. This is the solution I'm using currently. On the MacBook Pro, I have two regular accounts for my wife and me, and two managed accounts for the kids. I put Minecraft. Maybe Mojang will fix this? I found a Mojang-run Minecraft Launcher bug tracker with this same issue. I was too lazy to register for the Atlasssian account to pile on to this same bug I wonder if more of us piling on to this bug would make a difference? User profile for user: ted ted After that, minecraft is working under all of our accounts.

I don't know what the underlying problem is, but this got my son playing again. User profile for user: mds mds Boards Minecraft I have Minecraft on my Mac but how do you place blocks?

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User Info: thenacho. So you can set the place block tab to anything you want, thanks gamefaqs, your so helpful.

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You figured it out in less than 10 minutes and 1 person did try to help. I'm sure somebody would have came and helped. See Bleep Bloop. User Info: ElementalWind. Default is ctrl-click Now, if we'd just use postfix syntax like sensible people, this wouldn't even be an issue.

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Actually I'm regretting saying that now, because now I can't figure out how to divide large amounts of a block type into crafting formations, I keep moving all of them instead of dividing. Any suggestions from mac users?

https://ppedinatla.ga You can go to your mouse settings and enable right click on a mac I wish Blastoise was my dad. He wouldn't beat my mom like what her boyfriend, Johnny does. If Blastoise was my dad things would be different around here.

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  4. User Info: tomma I take it you're using a laptop? If you're using a macbook or pro, right clicking should simply be clicking on the bottom right of your trackpad. If you're using something like a powerbook, I not positive it will work, as it's basically a big clicky button So save yourself some worry, and buy a cheap mouse. Even the old apple wired mouse has right click.