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Trenchbroom is a popular and quite good editor that has a Mac executable as well. You might give that a go. Comment Post Cancel.

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I second Trenchbroom! It's great for someone just getting into mapping and like Dutch said, there is a mac version. Sorry, I don't really play online so I don't really know what servers are active now. Trenchbroom v2 RC4.

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I've used on Mac and on Windows. However, I will say there might be a bug that prevents you from compiling your map on the Mac version. So in in that case create your map in Trenchbroom and then open and compile your map using ToeTag which is another Quake mapping application for Mac. Still looking awesome. I have Unity PRO, you could add me on Skype and we can work together with the profiler to find out the issue?

My skype username is: haloeditor. ZeoWorks , Apr 17, I've recently discovered that it's only one of my computers that has the performance issue, which is a fairly decent iMac. I've tried my Surface Pro 2, and my desktop with a Ti and both work very well. I was able to snag a Unity Pro trial due to an OS reload on one of my machines, and though I admit I haven't used the profiler much, it doesn't look like anything is too far out of the ordinary.

Though it's hard to tell what is causing the strife when it's running fine.

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On the improvement front, I've started the process of exploring how I can "decompile" a Quake 3 map into a Unity scene. Run-time support is as slick as I think I can make it for now, so I'm giving a few different approaches a shot for making the map persistent. It would be easy to dump all the objects to. FBX would be better, but it's a more complex file type to generate.

Still looking. Last edited: Apr 20, Joined: Jun 30, Posts: Just used uQuake, nice job! Amazing how Carmacks forethought to use bezier patches keeps a 15 year old map looking relatively modern. And screw Quakes lightmaps, use Enlighten in Unity 5 ;- I had to remove the Quake textures in order to use the Enlighten lightmaps, I'll have to look at the source to change the material it uses or something, Materials and UV's in Unity are a nightmare, is it not possible to have One Material per Texture?

HeliosDoubleSix , Sep 16, Joined: Oct 14, Posts: 2. Wonderful work! RobotBerry , Oct 14, Joined: Aug 8, Posts: Pangamini , Feb 23, BSP for rendering order would be horribly slow on today's hardware. A draw call per triangle. You'd have to do something similar to static batching except per tri!

Joined: Jun 24, Posts: Any plans to do this for Quake 2 or 1? It would be awesome to have a comprehensive tool that could convert content from id Tech without needing 1, different tools to do it. However, it would be great if there was a more Unity-oriented tool for something like this. Oh sorry, I just read the Github page for it where you said, effectively, "No.

Quake on Mac, looking for best level editor, and other matters

Is there a specific number to scale a level by? Joined: Apr 26, Posts: 1, Hey, this is very cool! UVs and such could then be edited if needed, along with geo. I'll have to give this a go, great work! Joined: Sep 26, Posts: 6. Joined: Sep 24, Posts: 8. I've been working on a similar thing, except with Quake 1 BSPs and to give proper acknowledgement, so did the original author in his GitHub ; though I've had some specific goals.

I wanted the output to be agnostic. It just spits out an array of floats and bytes for vertices, UVs, textures, etc. I've also been working towards making it a single mesh, meaning one draw call. That means fun things like making repeated texture patterns and such in order to put them all into a single atlas texture.

Mapping tools - Quake Wiki

So far I've been able to atlas the lightmap textures, currently working towards map textures. I've had to pad the lightblocks but there are still some UV artifacts, hoping they won't be too perceptible when map textures come in. I also want to utilize the BSP data and set new triangle indices per frame, though I'm not sure how performant that would be compared to just drawing the whole thing.

Still, that's strictly a thing on the Unity side and not much to do with the actual conversion process. I'm planning to open source this once I'm done with it, and maybe write a native library as well. I'd like to write support for Quake 2 and 3 BSPs, too.

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It'll probably be another month or two until I'm finished with this. As for probuilderizing BSPs, I think it'd be better if you were to import data from the.

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Brushes from. EDIT: didn't mean to hijack this thread with my own thing, I'll start another once I've made more progress. ShinAli , May 4, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? Keep in mind this is just one opinion, but a few months ago I seriously was playing with WebGL. But it would be a ton of time and effort to maintain a WebGL version since Javascript and C derivative languages share little in common.

Safari has it disabled, although it is used for advertising within apps on iPhones and such. Internet Explorer will not support it. I don't think WebGL can ever take off since it is easily possible to make a harmful web page with it if one choose too. That sucks I guess. But surely those security issues will get patched? What alternative is there for 3d on the web? What about performance?

It is entirely possible to make an app that runs in the browser but is loaded from client side files.

However, I suppose if it's easy enough to make a portable native app, then you might as well just stick with that, since it will give better performance. Java Applets. Can access OpenGL directly, and are portable. If I were to make a browser-based editor, I'd check out Java applets. But I'm not ;-. Prefabs And Instancing. Proper, Max-style instancing would make this the one and only true editor.

Like many awesome features, QuArK has cloning. And since it also has groups think folders , it is really super duper awesome. Quark is, unfortunately, an abomination. The interface is absolutely atrocious. Very 90's retro UI, could never get my head around it enough to build anything.