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By David Price 06 Mar A lot of video these days is distributed by streaming, which means that viewers need a persistent internet connection. Streaming has its advantages - among other things it removes the need to store hefty files on your own devices - but there are problems too.

YouTube downloader for Mac OS X

If your internet connection dies, your viewing pleasure does too, and most parents of small children will know the agony that results when Hey Duggee starts buffering at a key moment; and there is also the danger that videos will be taken offline in the future and you won't be able to access them at all. There's also the scenario where every night you end up streaming exactly the same Blaze and the Monster Machines episodes - you could save a ton of data if you had those episodes saved on your Mac.

It therefore makes sense to download to your Mac permanent copies or temporary ones, depending on licensing rights of the videos you or the kids enjoy most online. In this article we outline how to do this, for various popular video sites and services. It is possible, in many cases, to record video of whatever is happening on your Mac's screen.

In a way that is similar to taking a screenshot, you can make a screencast of whatever is happening - including any video that happens to be playing.

6 Different Ways to Download Videos from YouTube to your Mac

It is possible to use this inbuilt way of recording what is happening on your screen in order to make video recordings of content you can watch in YouTube and other streaming sites although it doesn't always work, so we have specific tips below for the different services. The way that this works changed in Mojave. Prior to Mojave it was necessary to use QuickTime to record the video.

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We explain how to record the screen of your Mac in Mojave here. We also cover how to use QuickTime to record your screen in the same article. Another way of downloading videos on Mac is to use Parallels Toolbox. This is a software package that combines a wide range of commonly requested functions - including the ability to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and other sites, as shown in this video:. You can read about Toolbox's various features, and download a seven-day trial from the company's website here.

If you have high speed internet, you can upgrade to the Pro version for supporting up to 10 simultaneous connections.

Free YouTube Download Manager - Download YouTube Videos for Free

The agent allows you to catch download links from web pages, while the extensions add options like download all, download selected, and download with Folx, in the right-click menu of the respective browser. After the Folx agent and extension have been installed, you may revert back the above setting to its earlier selected option.

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The app can sort downloaded content according to different tags assigned to them. The tags created with Folx will also be available globally across the Mac. Thus, you can search for downloaded files using tags on Finder or Spotlight Search.

3 Ways to Download YouTube Video on Mac

Folx supports torrent downloads both from. And with Folx PRO, you get torrent search integrated right within the application. Alternatively, if you want to take full advantage of Folx, we recommend you to buy the Folx PRO license from the official website. Download Shuttle is a free download manager for Mac that supports download acceleration. Like Folx, it can resume interrupted downloads, and supports multi-segmented up to 6 segments downloads for greater download speeds.

Download Shuttle has a simple and minimalistic UI with very few configurable settings. For adding a download link, you can click on the Add button at the top right corner or drag and drop links into the application window. While adding a new download, you can set the download file name and location, along with the number of simultaneous segments to download from.

Key Details of MacX YouTube Downloader

The app also has browser extensions for Chrome and Safari , which add some extra options download all, download selected, etc. Download Shuttle is available for free on the Mac App Store , and is a great free alternative if download acceleration is your key requirement. Progressive Downloader is a full-featured download manager, complete with support for resuming interrupted downloads, multi-threaded downloading, download sorting, browser integration, etc.

With built-in mirror search feature, the app tries to find mirrors for large files. This function, together with multi-thread downloading, allows user to download files faster as every thread can use its own server.

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One drawback of this app, however, is that by default, it only downloads a particular file from 3 simultaneous threads. It supports integration with Safari and Chrome browsers using an Interceptor plugin. Once the Intercepter is installed and configured, clicking on a supported download URL in Chrome or Safari will automatically launch a new download task in Progressive Downloader.

You can also set the default download location for different types of files. Progressive Downloader is available as a free download from the official website. If you want to support the developer, you can also purchase a copy of the software from the Mac App Store.

To get rid of the splash screen, you need to purchase the full version of the app. Note: Though iGetter advertises download acceleration feature, we could not see any significant increase in download speeds in our tests.

SpeedTao is a simple download manager for Mac that is currently in Beta phase. Currently, users require a Dropbox account to enable Remote Downloads feature. IDM for Windows is able to fetch and download embedded media streams from a large number of websites. Just like IDM, iTube can detect embedded videos playing on Safari, Firefox and Chrome, and can be saved by clicking on a smart Download button that appears next to the video stream. This app also includes a built-in video converter. This could hamper your web browsing experience.

A good alternative to use in this case is to use media grabbers with built-in web browsers. One example of such type of app is Elmedia Player. Elmedia Player is a decent media player from the makers of Folx.