Usb mouse not working on mac mini

Clean and dry out the device to prevent any permanent damage.

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Remember, liquid can destroy computer components immediately or result in loss of hardware functionality, including USB. If some USB devices work on your computer, whilst others do not, check the device's compatibility with the Apple product version to which you are connecting.

Potential Causes

Some devices require specific hardware drivers from the manufacturer to achieve full functionality or to work correctly special use devices, modern scanners, etc. If there are any firmware and operating system updates available, install them. Updates are often released to fix various hardware and software bugs.

Bluetooth Mouse Not Working Mac

To check available updates on Mac computers, launch the App Store application, select the Updates tab, and check for available updates. You are advised to create a backup of the hard disk before updating the operating system. Deleted Mac system files, how to fix? How to disable Safari suggestions? How to clear specific Safari history items? How to restore cleared Safari history on Mac? Wired mice rely on a computer's USB drivers to function, so additional drivers are not necessary.

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In some cases, a compatible Microsoft mouse will not work with your Apple computer if it is not properly installed, or if the computer is not detecting an installed mouse. This is especially common with USB conflicts and system errors that can interfere with communication between the computer and your mouse. Whether you're using a wired or wireless Microsoft mouse, restarting the computer generally reboots USB ports to solve simple problems.

Apple Mac Mini 2018 : Wifi and Bluetooth issues : review

If communication problems persist, disconnecting your wired mouse or a USB receiver for a wireless mouse, and reconnecting it can jumpstart the connection. Interference from other USB devices can cause communication problems, so disconnecting all USB devices other than the mouse and keyboard is at times necessary to resolve USB conflicts. Video of the Day.

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How to Sync a Microsoft Mouse. Share on Facebook. Slow Keys is an accessibility feature that requires you to hold each key for longer before macOS registers it as a key press.

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If the external keyboard in question is a USB keyboard, then you should work your way through the following list of fixes:. If in doubt, then always play it safe and take your Mac to a qualified professional. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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