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It's not a secret that Google Docs doesn't have the feature set of something like Microsoft Word. And for the most part, that's okay. But for the few features you do want, the recently introduced add-ons to Google Docs and Sheets makes it possible to add more advanced functionality—without the bloat or added cost. Here are just a few example of some of the more useful add-ons currently available:.

Like Google Docs, Google Sheets has a ton of various add-ons that bring in new functionality. Most of these can't get you up to a powerhouse like Excel. Stil, combined with a basic understanding of formulas , they'll get you close enough if you only use spreadsheets for specific tasks:. Sheets still has a long way to go before it can even come close to replacing desktop spreadsheet program for businesses. That said, if you're just logging expenses, managing mailing lists, or tracking anything else in your life, Sheets does its job well.

The add-ons and basic feature set of Google Drive are great, but if you really want to dig deeper you'll need to try out Google Apps Scripts. These scripts make it so you can add just about any feature you could imagine to Google Docs and Sheets.

Initialize the SDK

They're similar, in a way, to Office's Macros. These include simple functions like adding macros, to much more complicated actions like converting a Google Doc to Markdown. You can browse scripts made by other people and add them into Sheets so you don't need to learn programming yourself. A lot of these scripts are moving over to add-ons, but they're still pretty useful as they are:.

If you use a desktop program like Excel for a specific function that Sheets or Docs can't handle, someone probably made a script that'll add that functionality in. Obviously it won't always be the case, but it's worth looking for if you only have a couple of specific functions tying you down to your desktop software. Google Slides is the presentation software worked into Google Drive. Unlike Docs and Sheets, you can't really extend the power of Slides much yet.

That said, it still has a rich feature set that most of us still make a good presentation since most of Powerpoint's features do more harm than good anyway. The real trick with Google Slides is to just familiarize yourself with how it works and get used to the themes.

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Once you finish a presentation, you can export it in a bunch of formats—including Powerpoint—so you'll be able to run that presentation on any computer you run into you can also just publish it online to make your life easier. You have a ton of options for free and cheap Powerpoint alternatives , but Google Slides gets the job done well enough for most of us.

Chances are that if you take a long look at what functionality you need from an Office Suite, you'll find that most of us can work inside the constraints of Google Drive.

It's definitely more of a piecemeal approach. You're adding small bits of functionality instead of getting a whole package, but that means it's faster and easier to use. Photos by psdgraphics , Kamenetskiy Konstantin , and Flame of Life. The A. Thorin Klosowski. Filed to: google Filed to: google google google drive google docs sheets office office suites productivity.

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Google Drive & OneDrive syncing on Mac

Both of these are synced with nvALT on my desktop so when I get home I can keep battering away at my copy. When it is time to turn my writing into a proper project, I open it up in Scrivener. I try to avoid Word and Pages unless my publisher requires me to use them for some reason.

As for Docs, I use it daily for the vast majority of my more general word processing. Everything from computer apps and settings, to notes on books I am reading to To Do lists, and so much more. For all of that, Fluid is a fantastic solution!

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Save, sync and access file on Google Drive from your Mac

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