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This can be done on your current user account, or you can create a new one made specifically for sharing. Once you know the account to be used to share files, you can start picking and choosing what folders to share. Find a folder you would like to share, right click it, and choose Properties.

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There is a Sharing tab up top which will bring you to the folder's sharing permissions and properties. Here you can add users to share with and choose similar permission levels including both read and write permissions. In an Explorer window in Windows 7, click on Network. If everything went as planned, you should see other computers on your network, including your Mac.

When you double click on your Mac, you'll be prompted with username and password fields. This is another part where a few people have had mix-ups. For the username, you'll need to input your Mac's information as follows: The password is simply the password to said account.

Determine the operating systems you are running on both machines

In this box, type in smb: This will bring up a Mounting box after entering your name and password for which folders you would like to mount. Choose the ones you would like to access, and click OK. The folders you chose will now be accessible from your Mac desktop and Finder menus. I hope you enjoyed this guide to sharing files between Windows 7 and Snow Leopard, have fun! Ready to test your skills in Computer Networking? See how they stack up with this assessment from Smarterer. Start this Computer Networking test now. Get our content first.

How to Share Files Between Mac and PC: Snow Leopard and Windows 7

In your inbox. If this message remains, it may be due to cookies being disabled or to an ad blocker. The Migration Assistant will display a verification code. Go to the older Mac and make sure the same verification code is displayed. If so, click the Continue button on the old Mac.

At this point, the two Macs will start the preliminary transfer operation. The old Mac will send a list of users and the type of data they have stored on the old Mac. On the new Mac, you should see the Migration Assistant displaying a number of items that can be transferred. They should include:. You can place a checkmark next to the items you wish to have transferred. Some items have a disclosure triangle that allows you to select from subcategories of items to transfer.

How to move your content to a new Mac

You can use the disclosure triangles to refine your selection of information to transfer. About Conflicts You may notice a yellow warning flag saying that some conflicts were detected. This usually occurs when one or more user accounts on the old Mac have the same name as a user account on the new Mac. In older versions of Migration Assistant, you need to halt the process and correct the problem by renaming or deleting user accounts on the Macs. Thankfully, the newer version of Migration Assistant can fix this issue for you.

Go ahead and make your selections about which data will be copied over, then click the Continue button. If there are any conflicts, a sheet will drop down, displaying ways to eliminate the conflicts. The solutions are either to delete the existing user account on the new Mac and replace it with the old one, or to keep both and give the old user account a new name. Make your choice and click Continue. Transfer times are usually quite long, though it depends on both the amount of data and the speed of the connection.

Finish Up the Transfer The transfer will start. When the Migration Assistant has completed the transfer, your Mac will log off all users and present the normal login screen.

File Transfer between Apple Mac and Windows PC-5 minute setup

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Transfer Everything from an Old Mac to a New Mac with Migration Assistant

Should I click continue anyway? I neglected to post that I would really appreciate to be notified via post, etc.

Thanks, Michael. I am seriously seeking a realistic time to switch from my MacBook Pro I have completed all the prompts with Migration Assistant, hooked up an ethernet between the two. After 41 hrs.

Check software, settings, and power

The iMac states, Current connections, None. At 77 years of age and two hours from an Apple store, there is not enough to space to describe how I allegedly arrived at getting the two computers to talk to each other when both used the same I. Can someone assist me?

I may be retired but having a computer is extremely important.

This connection and inquiry is via my iPad Thanks, Michael. I was assured that as I have all my files stored on a back up separate hard drive I could transfer them to my new computer. Howdy I do it……. NEW mac has office latest version. OLD mac had office !! All the perimeters that apple or any else try to give like Size of data, type of connection or month in the year for all that matter is a joke. I used the fastest cables and least amount of data and no results.


How to migrate from an old Mac using Migration Assistant | TechRadar

My old Mac lost its screen so some of the directions were not relevant. I completed the transfer and have major problems. My mail program was not transferred and I want to know how to correct that. My printer cannot print from the new screen and I need info on connecting to new Mac. I also need a copy of your invoice receipt for this sale. Where do I find all the local Mails? What about Apps bought old fashioned online? Thanks for some advice and greetings from Germany.