How do i print envelopes on mac

It is known throughout the land that printing is looked upon as a dark art, and lo there are various and sundry paths one can take to achieve it. However, the half of the equation where the printer doesn't work right or won't line up the envelope or isn't recognized anymore is all troubleshooting for another day. That being said, let's continue by launching Contacts and choosing the one you need:. First, launch the Contact app.

Printing on Envelopes with Mac OS X

Hopefully it's all up to date and nice looking since you sync your contacts to iCloud so your iPhone always has the latest info. Find the contact you want to print out, and then press Command-P to get the Print dialog.

In the regular sheet that drops down, you will see a preview of what will get printed. Generally this is an envelope, so if you want some mailing labels this will need some adjustment. For example, on a sheet of, say, 3 x 7 labels and the first 5 labels from column 1 are missing, how do start at column 1 label 6?

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Try starting with one of the Pages templates and only filling in the labels you want printed. You may need to modify the template to fit your labels, or make your own template, but it certainly is doable if you are willing to put the time and effort into it. All you have to do is go to the label that you want such as column 1, row 6 from your example and start to type what you want in that location.

You can then print when you are ready. I previously prefer the steps that I outlined. Many thanks for those suggestions. I had hoped that there might have been something on the App Store. However, the solution for me is here … https: It should do so automatically.

Print envelopes

Then it should use your address as the return address. How can I fix that?

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Are you sure that those contacts have the first name in the first name field and the last name in the last name field? Thanks very much, Gary. I had mine set as My Card, but it did not work. Now it works. Love all the tutorials.

How to Print Envelopes from Contacts on Your Mac

Chronos PrintLife will allow you to do what you are asking for, you tell the app which label to start printing on and how many labels you want. I have contacts created correctly first name in correct field. I even tried shutting down contacts and restarting to see if it would print correctly. Some thoughts on this. First, there are TWO places where you can set the order of first and last names. The first is in Contacts, Preferences, General. This seems to change it in the sidebar list, but not each contact. Though it may set the default for new contacts.

This is a setting for only the card you are viewing. So check each card and see how each is set.

I read one report of someone having this set wrong for each card and had to spend 5 minutes arrowing through each card and changing each one. Yes, I have the correct name in the correct name field. If I use your suggestion of the Card Menu it will change a single card and it will remain for the print menu. I would like to send out self-addressed envelopes, where the return address is different on each envelope and is generated from a list.

Any suggestions? All Rights Reserved. There are many ways to print envelopes with your Mac. In this video, we'll look at using Pages to print a single envelope. Then we'll compare that to using Contacts to print. You can also get third-party apps in the Mac App Store that give you even more options.

Let's say you want something a little bit better than a handwritten address for an envelope for something special. So you want to print something out. You can do this one of a few ways on your Mac. I'm going to show you two. One, that you may go to right away, is Pages. Use Pages to print an envelope. You can do this using one of the Pages templates that's in there.

So when you create a new document it asks you to choose a template. If you scroll down you'll find a bunch of envelopes. So I'm going to choose Classic envelope here and I get some prefilled in bits of information here. Return address, main address. I can go in and Edit these and make them what I want.

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I can, of course, change things like fonts and maybe make them larger, bolder, whatever I want to do. I can also change the type of envelope I'm using. So I want to measure the envelope and I want to go and see if any of the envelopes under Page Setup will fit. The default here is envelope There's a few others. Technically you can use Manage Custom Sizes but I haven't had too much success with that.

How to Print Envelopes from Contacts on Your Mac – The Mac Observer

You're going to have to do trial and error. If you make it custom size you're probably going to have to print out several different versions. Adjust things.

Move things around just to get it right.