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Then type: Have I done something wrong? Once I delete the system configurations folder, do I need to empty the trash? Not sure what is going on there. You should notice that all of the wifi networks that were remembered are gone. Is the wifi any better? Thanks for your reply. No all wifi setting were still there… Not sure if wifi is better yet. My problem was actually a general wifi slowdown after which I would need to change the channel and then it speeded up again. But this was happening very often. In the meantime, no slowdowns. Time will tell….

One other thing we did because we were seeing odd drop-outs of Wifi was to switch routers.

Fix OS X Mountain Lion Wireless Connection Problems

We were using a SonicWall, which is incredibly difficult to configure. Oh well! Open network perferences. Advanced Hardware Configure, set this to manual Type in in the box. Google , while all my co-workers can. I think it may be faulty hardware. Same problem here. This does not seem to be a Mountain Lion issue per se… But maybe an update to the firmware on the Airport when ML was installed.

Fix OS X Mountain Lion Wireless Connection Problems

I have an AP Extreme mid model that is causing a slowdown. I have two other access points, one an older D-Link As fast as the AP used to be before the problem. The other access point is the unit that comes with Uverse, an Switching between the units that are all active at the same time shows that the Airport is not working correctly. No changes were made to the Airport settings, save the ML install. I have a Mac Pro that seems to lose ethernet connection once the computer goes to sleep. Only way to get it back is to restart the computer.

Also had wifi problems on my macbook pro and first edition macbook air. Looking forward to a solution, Actually had more issues with Lion as far as software compatibility, so can live with the inconvenience for now. Apple is always forthcoming about problems with its products, so I am sure these issues will be fixed in no time. I forget where I saw this suggested.

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Turning off Bluetooth has resolved the issue for about a day so far for me. Curious if it will last. None of the other solutions on the web worked even temporarily — creating new location in Network, etc. Same issue as everyone — late MacBook Pro — working fine and upgraded to Mountain Lion — now, as soon as computer sleeps, no WiFi — have to restart or even shut down completely to reconnect happens on whatever network I happen to be on — huge pain since I travel and am constantly closing lid of computer which causes the problem almost everytime.

I had a network here that my mac did not find anymore. I solved that issue by deleting all networks my mac remembered. After that I did see the network and was able to connect again. WiFi not working as it did before install. Went to Apple Store, guy sez everything OK.

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Got home, still not working. Router OK for PC. Even though WiFi connection strength indicates full signal the connection becomes terribly slow.

FIX WiFi Issues in Mac OS X Lion

I am typing this on an iMac with Snow Leopard which is just 1 meter away from the MBP — not having these issues connected to the same exact router via WiFi. Thunderbird looses connections to mailboxes. Firefox somethimes even times out when looking for google.

OS X Mountain Lion and later

Im using the latest driver for my adaptor. So please let me know how I can fix this issue.

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Early Mac Pro here. I have the same with problem with my MBA No problem using my old laptop on the same wi-fi system. I have the same problem: No issues with ethernet cable. I have tried to reset pram, smc, remove wifi connection and create a new one without success. My issue is upon waking up it has lost the internet connection, sometimes having to reboot before being able to reconnect.

I did not have any problems prior to updating. I have figured out that issue. Almost all routers are capable of doing it. Started having Wifi issue since July 30th 4. The only thing I can get connected is to power off my router and turn it back on 7. It seems like once the MacBook is having problem with connecting to a wifi connection it affects all the devices that are trying to connect to the same connection.

Wifi internet was great, then upgraded macbook air to mountain lion 2 days ago. Now macbook air is getting downloads of 0. For some reason it works great at the apple store, and I cant explain that. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Connection very slow on Mavericks Ask Question.

Why is my Wifi link speed so slow

The symptoms are: Downloads started from browser often don't start on a lot of websites Minecraft. This happens with both wifi and ethernet connection. YouTube videos refuse to load the page loads, but the video stream is stopped at the beginning and doesn't go any further, ever with wifi and loads very slowly with the ethernet connection. The Stack Overflow chat works very badly.

Messages are synchronized slowly within long periods of time and messages sent by me are shown 2 times or shown in green which means they were not really sent. The Wi-Fi connection doesn't give me any error messages, and generally no particular messages are shown at all. In the meantime here's the status of uTorrent: And here's the status detected by Speedtest. How do I fix these problems? Shoe Shoe 3 16 I'm getting a similar problem on my late iMac.

I don't have any trouble with my Macbook Air on Mavericks, just my iMac. It's also not a problem with my router, everything else works perfectly in my house iPads, iPhones, Laptops, Xbox etc. Seems like a problem with machines.