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Kyther , Oct 19, May 25, Messages: Kyther , Oct 20, Dravn thank you so much thats exactly what i needed its working with out any problems Kudos to you this is the reason i come to this site because if i cant figure it out myself someone else has the answer, no matter where i looked i never once came across that anywhere so thank you so much you made my day.

I hope this will come in handy for anyone else who may havee the same problem. Last edited: Oct 21, Kyther , Oct 21, Dec 14, Messages: I've had this in notepad for most of the day, but my computer has been lagging a lot today, it's probably being over-worked.

How to Burn Playstation 1 Games on CD-Rs Properly [2019]

Thanks to Google, AfterDawn, and a handful of other resources I have been able to do nearly anything I attempt without have to ask for help. I will tell you in advance though, it is a lot of reading. You need a patcher program, so I have given download links to a few patchers below along with screen-shots and hashes. Image hosting provided by ImageShack.

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Recommendation I highly recommend using SkipScreen for Mozilla FireFox as it will greatly improve your downloading experience. SkipScreen will nearly automate the download process for you. ESR Patcher Java v0.

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ESR Patcher Pro. JOAT , Oct 21, The only irritation i have now is that it brings up ulaunch after ESR boots and makes me search for the disc before it will boot it, any ideas on this one guys cause id like to have it just boot through ESR straight to the game. I only ask because I put the noobie package on my card when I was first learning about soft-modding. From there all I have to do is make it start.

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I had some issues with loading things and uLE popping up, but I don't remember how I fixed it. My PS2 is at my cousin's house right now, but I'll be going to get it here in an hour or so. When I get back with it, I will mess with it until I can create the same scenario you are having.

patcher-download-disc-esr-free-ps2 free download - SourceForge

JOAT , Oct 24, Oct 24, Kyther , Oct 24, Kyther , Oct 25, What version of ESR do you use? Originally Posted by erak. Did you try this one? Share Share this post on Digg Del. Ps2 Model: This is the one I use.

Works fine for me. Thank you Cleo! I'm experimenting the exact same problem as Oegen has Originally Posted by oegen. I had problems with this one as well. When i start it back up and try to patch it again, it says "file is already patched". When i unpatch the iso, it says: Originally Posted by cleo. I tried to run guruniverses esr patcher for osx on a fresh I tried the esr java-versions 0.

ESRtool an cli ESR patcher for linux

I then gave java-version 0. I sucessfully patched, burned and ran an image of "atv 4 offroad fury". Find the app here: Thank you, bootsector! I've downloaded this now but can't seem to use it. I get a message saying mingwm I searched google and it seems freely available but don't want to install it with no knowledge of what it is, or more to the point, if it's safe to do so