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Sound like what you are talking about was a side-feature of the old mail merge functionality which is long gone. Another masterclass from Gary! My copy of Pages Version 8. Adrian: In most apps like Pages, when you hold down the Option key and go to the File menu, the Save As option replaces the Duplicate item. Of course I do copy and paste.

The mail merge function let you fill any number of pre defined fields in by just dragging a contact card over the fields.

Save a document as a template

It was great. As numbers got updated this function disappeared, many complained to Apple with out much luck. All Rights Reserved. Anonymous form close x.

When you receive a PDF document by email that you must sign, the process of printing out the file, signing on the dotted line with a pen, scanning the signed document and sending it back can be a rather tedious task. The steps involved to electronically sign a PDF using Preview on Mac are quite simple and will save you valuable time, especially if you have multiple documents, contracts, forms or other paperwork to sign.

Merge, split, rotate, convert, edit, sign PDF files... we've got you covered

If you are worried that your virtual signature will look bad, rest assured that you can create your signature by using the trackpad or holding up your signature on paper to a Mac's built-in iSight camera. Click on the Markup icon and then the signature icon. Draw your signature on the trackpad. Click any key when finished.

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Click Done. Click on the signature created to insert it into the PDF document. The signature can be moved or resized like a regular image. Sign your name on white paper and hold it to be visible to the camera. Preview will draw a virtual signature. Tips If you are using the trackpad to create your electronic signature, it is recommended that you look at Preview and go slow and steady with your finger to achieve the best result.

For an even more precise signature, you can use an iPhone or iPad stylus, preferably one with a fine-tipped ending, to draw your signature on the trackpad.

Create and Fill out Forms with Ease

Signing a piece of white paper and holding it up to the camera is the easiest way of creating an electronic signature in Preview, although this method does not always yield the best results. The signature will appear inverted when you hold it up to your Mac's camera, but Preview will automatically ensure that it reads properly from left to right. You can create an electronic signature in Preview by following steps above even if you do not have a PDF document opened.

The Power of Templates

By default, all electronic signatures that you create are automatically stored in a list on Preview so that you can insert them into future PDFs documents and other files without needing to repeat these steps. Preview can store multiple signatures at once. Apple also provides markup tools in the Mail app in macOS to create electronic signatures that can be directly inserted into your emails.

How to edit PDF files on a Mac

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How to add your signature to digital forms and documents in macOS

Nobody is asking you to pay for it. It's free in OS X. Thank you.

I like this tip. Add new text boxes, images, shapes, or other objects: Click an object button in the toolbar. Replace placeholder images: Click in the lower-right corner of a placeholder image to choose an image on your computer, or drag an image from your Mac or a webpage to a placeholder image.

Add a page: In a word-processing document, a new page is automatically added as your typing reaches the end of a page. You can also add a blank page manually for both word-processing and page layout documents. Click the page that you want the new page to follow, then click the Add Page button in the toolbar. For more information, see Add, delete, and rearrange pages.