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This is called singleplayer mode. Minecraft also allows multiple players to join a server. This is called multiplayer mode. However, this book will explain how to make mods and run them on your Minecraft client and a server running on your machine. It is very common to play Minecraft with multiple mods, and there are many kinds of mods that can be made to make Minecraft a more interesting game.

The ability to write these mods gives a player complete control over the game. There is no official way to create mods, but there are several third-party vendors that provide that ability; Minecraft Forge is one of these ways. In order to create mods, we need to use the following tools:. You can also follow along with a video of the installation instructions on YouTube.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Game developers like Notch write computer programs as text files following the rules defined by Java. Image files end with different extensions like. Movie files end with extensions like. Similarly, Java programs are text files ending with the. These text files are called Java source files. Java programs are written as text, but computers understand the binary language of 0s and 1s.

To translate the text into something computers can understand, the files must be compiled , which is a task done in several steps in Java. The most common tools include the following:. The Java compiler takes the.

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If there are syntax errors, those errors are reported by the tool and the. This process of conversion from source file to binary file in Java terminology is called compilation. The Java virtual machine JVM reads a. This process of reading a binary file and running on the JVM is called interpretation. Used to create or extract a named archive by bundling multiple. The named archive ends with a.

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These files are then converted into binary. Before you can run Minecraft, and later build mods, you need to install the JDK. To get started with the JDK, go to its download page at Oracle and install it on your computer by following the instructions. If you are not sure whether the JDK is already installed on your machine, follow the installation instructions on the website.

If the JDK is already installed on your computer, reinstalling it will simply update to the latest version, which is the recommended version for this book. Minecraft Forge is a tool that helps you build mods. Forge is currently the most popular way to modify the game. Other mod-building tools, such as Bukkit or ModLoader, have either shut down or become obsolete.

To get started with Forge, go to the Minecraft Forge downloads page. From the drop-down menu, select 1.

How to Install Mods for Minecraft Forge: 5 Steps

The latest version of Forge at the time of writing this book is 1. This version might change by the time this book is published or you are reading this book. So select the appropriate version accordingly. The mods in this book have been made for Forge 1. If the mods in this book do not work with future versions of Forge, then we will update the book, as well as the source code on GitHub. In that row, click the link that says Src, which will lead you to an AdFly page.

This file contains the source code of Forge and will be used for modding. Note that nothing has been installed yet. In fact, it might be tempting to download the Installer.

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This file, however, is only used to install Forge libraries on your regular Minecraft launcher so that you can load, not make, mods through it. Eclipse is an integrated development environment IDE. An IDE is a tool that can edit files, package and run those files, and help find and fix the errors within those files. There are many IDEs available for use, but this book will use Eclipse for creating our mods. We will be using Eclipse mostly to make new files, edit them, and run the game to see if they work. Eclipse is a very important tool, because without it you cannot run the game to test it, even if you can edit the source files with another text editor.

To get started with Eclipse, go to the Eclipse downloads page.

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The drop-down menu in the upper-right corner is set to Windows by default, but you can change it to match your operating system. The version of Eclipse at the time of writing this book is 4. It would be fine to download the latest available version of Eclipse. Installing Eclipse is straightforward: it simply involves unzipping the downloaded file.

The Eclipse website provides detailed instructions on the installation process. We need to set up Forge in Eclipse before mods can be created.

In order to do that, create a new directory on your Desktop and call it forge. On Windows, this can be created by pressing the Ctrl and Esc keys together, which brings up a textbox where you can type any command that needs to run. Type cmd and press the Enter key, which will open the Command Prompt in a separate window.

On Mac, pressing the Command key and space bar together brings up Spotlight, which allows you to search for different commands on your Mac. Type terminal to open up a Terminal window. Type the following series of commands at the Command Prompt or Terminal to create the directory and navigate to it:.

Next, move the previously downloaded ZIP file to this newly created directory. If you use a Mac, double-click the file to extract it in this directory. Change to that directory by using the cd forge command. Use the dir command on a Windows computer or ls on a Mac computer to see the contents of the directory you are currently in.

On Mac, you may have to give the command as. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet before issuing this command. This may take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the speed of your computer and Internet connection. If everything goes well, the following output will be shown:. In most cases, you should see this output.

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However, if you do not see this message, the command did not succeed. This could happen for several reasons. First, there might be errors in preparing the directory for modding. If that happens, you should wait a few minutes and try the command again. Another option is to consult the instructions on the Minecraft Forge website. The instructions there may not be up to date; they were for 1. However, the installation for 1. This can be fixed by editing gradlew. On Windows, you can use Notepad to edit the file.

This can be started by typing notepad on the Command Prompt and pressing the Enter key. On Mac, you can use TextEdit to edit the file. This can be started by going to Applications and clicking TextEdit. Rerun the command after making this change.

You can search existing threads for the information you need, and if nothing turns up, you can post a question of your own. After the setup is done, open Eclipse by locating the directory where it was installed and double-clicking eclipse. Eclipse is a tool that can do general Java editing, and by default, it has no idea that you want to make Minecraft mods. You will have to tell it that you want to, as well as the location of Forge code and where the mods should be stored.

The project details are stored in a workspace , which is basically a directory in which all your project details are stored so you can work with it easily. A workspace can have multiple such projects. Click that folder once to select it, then click Open. Click OK to finalize your choice. If you accidentally clicked OK without choosing the correct workspace location, then quit the Eclipse window and start it again.

It will prompt you for the workspace again. The Eclipse window has a few main components:.