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This alternate method of adding an item can be useful for adding shared volumes, servers, and other computer resources that may not be easy to find in a Finder window.

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When you have finished adding items, close the System Preferences window. The next time you boot or log in to your Mac, the item s in the list will start up automatically.

If the item you wish to have automatically started at login is present in the Dock, you can use Dock Menus to add the item to the startup items list without ever having to open System Preferences. Right-click the app's Dock icon and select Options , Start at Login from the popup menu. You may notice that each item in the login items list includes a checkbox labeled Hide.

Stop Programs from Launching on Startup (Mac)

Placing a check mark in the Hide box will cause the app to start up, but not display any window that may normally be associated with the app. This can be helpful for an app that you need to have running, but whose app window doesn't need to be viewed right away.

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If we need more info, we can always open the app's window by clicking on its dock icon. This also holds true for menu applets, those menu goodies that you can install in Mac's menu bar.

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You may have noticed when you accessed your account's login items list that there were already a few entries present. Many applications that you install will add themselves, a helper app, or both, to the list of items to start automatically when you log in. Most of the time the apps will ask your permission, or they will provide a checkbox in the app's preferences, or in a menu item to set the app as starting automatically at login.

How to change startup programs

Startup items can make using your Mac easier and can make your everyday workflow a snap. But adding startup items just because you can lead to unusual consequences. That is the main benefit. Step 3: Click Login Items. At the bottom left corner of the window, click on the lock icon and enter your admin password. Step 5: Once your desired items are selected, click the Add button.

Take control of startup and login items | Macworld

Once you do, you should see the apps that you added automatically launch. It might be a good idea to think about your workflow when you fire up your machine. If you always find yourself launching the same apps, then why not automate the process?