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Tech Ease for all your classroom technology needs. Changing the Size of the Icons in Windows 7. In the Control Panel, choose Appearance and Personalization.

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On the next screen, choose Display. Use the radio buttons to choose a different icon and text size. You may see a warning that some items may not fit on the screen if you choose a larger size. The Windows desktop and the Mac desktop cannot appear together unless you are running a Virtual Machine.

Why did you not consider it a relevant part of your question? Let's assume you are running Parallels. You have a setting incorrectly set. Possibly you have Coherence set. This makes Windows icons and programs appear on the Mac desktop.

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Go to view and choose "Run in WIndow" or something like that and you will find that Windows runs in a window with its own icons inside that window. If there is any other pieces of information you have neglected to tell us about, now would be a good time to rectify that omission. Sorry about that.. I installed Parallels and then Windows XP 2.

Step 1: Setting Background

I realize that 3. Sorry, I assumed that when I spoke about Windows on the Mac, people would figure that I had some sort of program running that would allow it. I made sure the coherence mode was not enabled.

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  • After spending 5 hours with level 1 techs all from India and they did not know what to do, and 2 more hours with level 2 tech all from Russia who "solved my problem" so that it all worked for about an hour Seeing how Parallels own experts tried all sorts of work-arounds convinced me that this is not something I want t deal with once their meager support terminates this week. I still think it is great that there are folks out there willing to lend a hand in time of need, so I sincerely thank you.

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    XP is problematic in itself. Let's hope it's at least XP SP3 you installed. Also, I tend to run it under Virtual Box but some find that daunting. Not sure what you mean.

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    I downloaded Parallels and then loaded XP. The tech person installed SP2 and we were watching to see how that was doing.

    At least SP3? According to the download site SP3 was as high as they go for XP. The goal was eventually to stick with Mac and not need any Windows. But since I have a website that I have maintained for years with MS Frontpage, I wanted to have time to transition to a different system and therefore would need Windows of some sort for awhile. To run out and spend hundreds for the latest copy of Vista or 7 when it would be dropped anyway didn't make sense to me. But apparently for some of the folks who frequent these forums, money is not a consideration.

    I'm not in that group. Now a friend emailed and offered to buy this MacBook Pro for what I paid, so I'm thinking it's probably the wisest thing to do. I have to maintain older systems too. So it's not a big deal.

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    Sorry if I offended you in any way but we can't guess how this was done and it appears you started with the oldest XP which is a shame. That can't end well. Bob; you didn't offend me; I'm thankful for those who make themselves available to help others. I guess the frustration of spending time, effort of money without guidance shows through sometimes