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These notes add personalized context to your learning materials without having to leave iTunes U. Homework hand-in puts a timestamp on when the assignment was submitted.

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An easy way to make a good impression with your professors is to drop by during their posted office hours. But college students are super busy, with all those classes that take up about 10 whole hours a week.

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In addition, professors can post announcements that all the students enrolled in the class can view on iTunes U. These classwide announcements can be anything from classroom changes or finals being postponed indefintely dream on. In addition to the new features to help students be more engaged and productive, iTunes U still boasts a giant repository of video lectures from bigshot universities like Stanford and Yale. And these courses are available to everyone on the iTunes U app, not just college students.

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Install the iTunes U app. Enroll in a course. Access course materials and take notes. If you would like to submit an audio or video podcast which has already been produced, please contact podcasts it. Please note that audio material needs to be in an mp3 format and video in an mp4 format h.

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The best means of doing this is to inform the audience that the event is being recorded, and anyone wishing not to be included should indicate this at the start. If anyone under the age of 18 is identifiable in your recording you will need their parents' or guardians' permission to publish the recording. If you cannot secure this permission the footage concerned will need to be removed. We reserve the right not to publish material that we deem inappropriate, in breach of copyright, or defamatory. The more appealing the image and the title of the podcast, the more likely people are to download it.

Please remember that you need the permission of the owner of the photograph, and if you are commissioning your own photography it is good practice to complete a consent form. Skip to main content. Oxford on iTunes U. Share This Tweet. Share on Facebook.

Share on LinkedIn. Share on Reddit. Home Oxford in Apple Podcasts. What is "Oxford on Apple Podcasts"? Download iTunes here Is it really free to access this material?

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Click through a number of introductory and terms and conditions screens. Agree to the terms and conditions. When you get to the window with the Install button, click it. A window pops up, asking you to enter a username and password.

Enter the info and click OK. Your computer now begins to install iTunes. This prompt is for the username and password you created when you set up your computer, not your iTunes account if you have one. A progress bar appears showing you how much the installation has left to go. In a minute or so, a chime will sound and the window will report that the installation was successful. Click Close to close the installer.

The macOS asks if you want to move the iTunes installer to the trash. Click Move to Trash.

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