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It very well could. This chooses the peripheral type. Very useful for customizing. Highlight all the files in the folder you extracted the Configuration Program and Library into, and copy them Not cut, you will find out why later. I did already delete the. Find the place where the. For Steam games, it is usually at this directory:. In the above pictures case, it is Batman: Arkham City.

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Then you paste the files there. Each program accesses a different. So each one is unique. You would do this for every game you want to use the peripheral in. This way each one has a unique setup, if you want one, and it is required because that is how the program works. Re-open the configuration program, set it up as you wish.

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Once you are done, or if you don't want to change anything, close the program again. Leave it closed. It doesn't have to be open when you play the game.

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It is just to configure the. Now, start the game and see if it works. It should, as it did perfectly for Arkham City for me at least. Some games require different. I hope you enjoyed and understood this How To. If you have any questions, ask them and I will do my best to answer. The shear number of customizations you can do is pretty epic with this software. I am using it to use my gamepad I recently got to play the various games that I like to play with a gamepad with it Racing, Fighting, and Sports.

I highly recommend it. For my pertinent links to guides, reviews, and anything similar, go here , and look under the spoiler labeled such. This thing is awesome in comparison and I think it can replace MotionJoy potentially. I'd have to tinker with it. And thanks. Pretty sweet indeed. Your wireless controller, does it have to be on before you launch a game for it to work? Like my x controller, it has to be on before I launch a game, it's annoying because I forget all the time.

I will test this when I get home. I mean, if you are using an actual Xbox controller, it is probably wired.

If it is wired, just turn it on and leave it on while you are on the computer. Like, all the time. That's what I would do. This one auto-configures if your peripheral is recognized using settings from a database that the users of this program have setup. I like this more. A lot more. There are no diagonals with a keyboard. You have to have A and W pressed at the same time to go up-right, or you don't. So technically, you have 2 inputs and not 1.

Not only that, but a keyboard has absolutely no sensitivity to speak of. It's binary. You either are or you aren't pressing a key. Having the gamepad emulate the Xbox controller lets you have both sensitivity and it turns a diagonal into a single input.

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Sensitivity is far more important, but having diagonal as a single input is useful at times to, but less so. I have used XPadder and MotionJoy extensively. This program is like the birth-child of both with FAR better features. Your gamepad emulating the Xbox controller also increases it's compatibility rate.

I mean, yeah, everything on PC is compatible with keyboard, but at the same time, that brings up the prior problems I mention: A complete lack of sensitivity, and you need to press 2 inputs to produce a diagonal input. This program is mainly for 3rd party gamepads and basically to let you use any peripheral you want to play games with. I use a Wireless X Controller Can't have it always on.

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CPU: R5 4. Sorry if I'm being ignorant here, but I have an old game from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, real good that for some reason doesn't work with the pad, while the other games in the series does. Could I do something to fix that? Becuse I don't wanna use anything other than a or PS3 controller. Not one of those old shits specifically made for PC.

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Sorry if this was a stupid question, but I don't have time to read all the text, becuse there's a thing I gotta go do now. I personally don't enjoy 9-string guitars, but that doesn't change the fact that they look awesome as hell! Im using the Motioninjoy DS3tool and it's a pain in the ass to set it up, but when its working it's pretty good without too much issues.

I've followed the instructions but the xbox controller in the application remains faint,i can edit the settings but it doesn't work. I'm using generic controller. Specifically the entire program needs to be in the game's directory for it to work IIRC it's been a whiiiile. I did but it keeps on saying"Configuration file version does not match xce version. Some options may not work until configuration file will be updated".

My current build - Ever Changing. Any tips on mapping the D-Pad? I'm having same issue with saint's row IV. I remapped buttons using xboxcemu files but can't get SRIV to use them. Shacks View Profile View Posts.

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Is this still a problem? Has Ubisoft patched the game at all? I am looking to buy this while it is on sale. Originally posted by Shacks :. Originally posted by Ki :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 18 Nov, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website. Contact your controller manufacturer or the documentation that came with the controller to see if you have the ability to assign keystokes to movement and buttons.

This is possible through the use of the controller software and not through Splinter Cell. For example, if you have one of Microsoft's Sidewinder line of controllers, you can use the Sidewinder software to assign keystrokes in the following manner: You remap the keys on your joystick in the games remap keys section of the options screen. In remap keys section, select the action you wish to assign a button to, click on this action with the mouse, then hit the button to which you want to assign an action.

If your joystick includes software to map keys to the buttons and directional pad or Joystick movement, this is most likely the best option. Associated Platforms PC. Thanks for your feedback. Sorry that didn't help. Please submit a support ticket and tell us how we can help you.

Here are some English FAQs that may help:.