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Watching Movies with the Sound Off reintroduces Mac Miller as a druggy philosopher on the mic and a left field talent behind the boards. Lengthy passages of stately, ephemeral soundscapes give Watching Movies the feel of a quixotic vision quest with Miller playing the role of the wizened sherpa. The hazy sprawl of Watching Movies also gives Mac a chance to dart outside the boundaries of hip-hop a little. Both are lightweight love songs that make up for what they occasionally lack in lyrical profundity with an open armed earnestness.

Mac Miller – Watching Movies

Mac Miller is like the Vanessa Hudgens of the rap game. He makes art for teens.

Mac Miller - Watching Movies (Lyrics & Download)

Except unlike Hudgens, Miller has always been upfront about being a pothead. I guess that's the advantage of not working for an antisemitic megacorporation.

You can be yourself. The Pittsburgh emcee's sophomore album is a coming-of-age story, an indecisive work, as Miller struggles to define his aura, his voice. Like all young adults, Miller faces a dilemma.

Mac Miller – Watching Movies (Video)

Will he follow the path laid out for him, in this case pop stardom? Or will he fall through the cracks, into the underground? Judging from Movies , Miller doesn't know. He produced 12 of the 16 songs on Movies , darker, trippier and more nuanced than Blue Slide Park. Speaking of Cudi, you almost anticipate his booming baritone to come in. As a whole, Miller's production sounds both lush and disjointed -- a combination of mainstream and underground sensibilities.

But, how does Mac feel about capably sliding his work inbetween the luscious soundscapes of Flying Lotus, Pharrell and Clams Casino, who have also produced records on the album?

The DNA of Mac Miller's 'Watching Movies With The Sound Off' - VICE

I think we might perform it when we start doing the tour. The first time Matt came over to the house we had a three hour long conversation before we started making any music.

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  • The DNA of Mac Miller's 'Watching Movies With The Sound Off'.

I always used to be scared to do that. It had to be something that people would play in the background of a party, because I thought that was what my fans wanted. But this time I went with my gut and followed through with my vision and did what I set out to do. All these people are saying this is so different. But if you listen to the old shit, it makes sense.

A lot of it comes from inside myself, you know.


It was a lot of shutting out the rest of the world and finding the inspiration inside of myself. It was healthy and cleansing.

Watching Movies with the Sound Off

Macadelic dealt a lot with my old girlfriend and a lot of it was driven by my relationship at that time. But with this record, I removed everything in my life. I had to sit there and do some soul searching.