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When it comes to smaller USB drives, I don't bother. It's not like I'm transferring top secret files of which there's only one copy. The worst that might happen is that I corrupt some data and transfer it again, or have to reformat the drive.

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Not too scary, and if your flash drive ever dies, it probably wasn't because you didn't click "safely remove hardware" every time. Keep your big external drives safe by safely ejecting them, but there's no need to be nervous about removing a USB stick as long as you've let any transfers complete.

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Topics Ask PC Gamer. Apple does not give an option to safely remove an external drive from the iPad. This is different than in Windows for example, where it is always a good idea to safely eject an external storage device from the system.

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Before removing the device from your iPad, here are a number of things to check or actions to take:. On a Windows machine: Close any applications currently using your external storage device including any open windows that displays its contents. Locate the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon located next to the system clock on the taskbar by the system tray.

You may have to expand it by clicking on the arrow. Click on the " Safely Remove Hardware " icon to launch the hardware pop-up window, then click your external hard drive's icon or assigned disk letter. Alternatively, if you do not see or are not able to locate the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray, navigate to the Computer or My Computer from the desktop or Start Menu.

When the Computer or My Computer window opens, locate your external storage device.

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