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However, when I try to log in, it doesn't accept my password, nor does Which device would you like to protect? Install from app store.

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Download TalkTalk SuperSafe and Super safe. So surround them with an ADT Pulse security system with the ability to check in on it from virtually anywhere. We can help keep your super safe - contact us today. Funny Money, Money Saving Polls. Neither is particularly good.

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In addition, the ISP noted that the message was only supposed to be sent once to each relevant user and that the repetition was done in error. We have seen other ISPs use similar detection methods before, such as when identifying whether specific subscribers are using a compromised hacked broadband router these often change the DNS settings of the device and thus make a noticeable diversion in traffic flow etc.

Sadly TalkTalk failed to provide any useful detail to help users identify the true cause. We are not interested in who has visited which site — we are simply scanning a list of sites which our customers, as a whole internet community, have visited. The question now is whether or not TalkTalk have done a u-turn on the above commitment and we are still awaiting their response on that.

All of this is occurring at a time when issues of internet privacy have become a hot topic in the news, not least due to the recent Facebook fiasco but also the forthcoming GDPR laws and fears of Russian hacking. Our recent awareness campaign was launched to inform our customers of the potential risks and provide tips on how to clean up their devices. All of this raises some interesting questions about the future approach by ISPs to user privacy and security, not least of which is where to draw the line.

However, if any ISPs are going to issue a message that runs the risk of scaremongering their users into thinking they have a virus on their computer, then at least give them a bit of useful detail about precisely what was detected so they know where to look or even whether to bother looking at all.

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Otherwise such messages may end up looking too much like phishing or a poorly executed marketing exercise. I received that rubbish too, I use Ubuntu. Obviously can check the address but is not for somebody who only turns the of on and off. Thanks for raising awareness of this issue. The statement from TalkTalk certainly makes it sound like they have done a U-turn and are now cross-referencing detection data to identify and target specific users.

Doing this for customers who have explicitly disabled the feature seems like a step over the line. Done via license keys and Anti-Virus database which reports malicious and potentially malicious data……… IE no different to how most Anti-Virus software works nowadays. If the ISP can detect a genuine security issue and inform the user with meaningful information of what that issue is and what steps can be taken thats probably a good thing.

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They should make this a key feature of their offering and make more noise about it in their advertising. Plenty of people I would recommend this to as would save me an unpaid job. Sadly I have been I victim of fraud scam due to talk talk sharing my information with fraudsters.. Sadly the bank will not refund me.. I hope they get a big fat juicy fine for this stunt. Utterly disgraceful and totally unacceptable. For what using anti virus software which reports malicious and potentially malicious data like almost every anti virus software on the market does nowadays?

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With the introduction of GDPR next month, your IP address, browsing history and transactional data are all classed as personal data. TalkTalk are sharing this personal data with a third-party, Chinese firm Huawei, even though customers have opted out of the HomeSafe and Virus Alert services. So they will be doing this without their customers consent. TalkTalk could argue that they have a legitimate interest to maintain the security of their systems. However, exhaustive automated monitoring just on the off chance of finding something is not permitted. It will be interesting to see if this snooping continues post GDPR.

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Are you sure? Full control of the scanning system and remote database sits with Chinese firm Huawei. Oh wait, I just got an email…. Erm what? Thats exactly how many AV products identify specific users, F-secure and Eset products to name 2 its even how windows update works. If a smartphone is lost or stolen, the user is able to locate, lock and wipe the entire contents of the device, keeping all personal content safe.

F-Secure Mobile Security also offers call and SMS filtering, ensuring that any unwanted or nuisance calls or texts are blocked from reaching the device.

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Finally, the powerful parental control functions help parents to keep children safe by controlling the online content accessed on a smartphone or tablet. As a result, they are looking to their mobile provider to ensure that their mobile experience is safe and secure.

TalkTalk is well positioned to capitalise on this market need using MobileSafe. You must be logged in to post a comment.