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Be aware that the video clip on your iPhone is not the full quality it was on the SD card. DJI-Paladin Offline. DJI team.

Give it a try. Thanks guys.

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Why I can't see VideoCache in my iTunes. I followed the instrcutions and still can't see them.

Part 1: Export a File from iMovie

Then I use another ios music transfer app and got it solved. Second Officer. Open iTunes, connect your device to your Mac, Click on the device icon in the menu bar, First Officer. Where do the videos go after this step? They usually go to the default file which is in your home folder and its called "Movies".

Exporting Clips

As the poster above says you can change this to almost anywhere. I keep all my raw footage on an external drive. Every thing is also backed up twice. Maxwhiteuv Offline. You have to connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable, and search the device's contents for the dji folder.

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Hi, there! From what you mentioned above, I can see two things and I'd like to share two methods, see if they can help solve your problem there. First, you couldn't find your video clip on your iPhone, that might be because the video file is damaged or lost or deleted, but you can still recover it from your iPhone or SD card.

Here is the tutorials on how to retrieve iPhone data. Second, if you want to transfer video to Mac, you can use an app such as iPhone Data Transfer to transfer from iPhone to Mac.

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Danielfonseca64 Offline. To keep the full quality you'll want to plug the SD card into your mac if it has a port for it. Then you can watch them on your computer; from there you can create a folder and drag and drop them!

Phineas Offline. This program supports most Panasonic videocameras, including ones that record to internal memory and those that use traditional tapes. Import your camera's business-related video content onto your computer by connecting the camera to your Mac and using the Import feature in iMovie. Launch the iMovie application, then turn on the videocamera and set it to "Import" or "PC Connect" mode. Choose an HD video option in the dialog box that appears, and then click "OK" to launch the Import window. If this window doesn't appear automatically, go to the "File" menu and choose "Import from Camera.

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  • Use the Save To popup menu that appears to navigate to the location where you want to store the video files, then click "OK. Bennett Gavrish is an I.