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Many of our online accounts now come with an added two-factor authentication 2FA functionality to help keep our data safe. This essentially means no one would be able to access the account until a specific set of requirements were met. It could be a combination of a password Even though most phones don't have Oreo yet, Google has released Android 9.

Official Download of VLC media player for Mac OS X - VideoLAN

It's available on Google's own Pixel devices, and updates should soon be available to partnered devices from Essential, Nokia, Oppo, Sony, Vivo, and Xiaomi. We're already digging into it to highl Whether you're just getting your first Android, or are already on your fifth annual cycle of picking up the latest flagship, there is always the question of what to do after booting up your device for the first time.

You can go the route of keeping your device the way the man Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is one of the most versatile media players available. With it, you can play virtually any internet and media file in a large variety of formats, and it can be used on practically every single operating system out there, including iOS Kodi, an The vulnerability was discovered by Filippo Cav Armis Labs has revealed eight vulnerabilities, called "BlueBorne", which put 5. With it, hackers can control devices, access data, and spread malware to other vulnerable devices through networks.

FaceTime has been pretty much the same ever since Apple added support for cellular networks back in iOS 6 FaceTime itself was released in iOS 4 , though Apple did add "official" support for audio-only calls in iOS 7. But the one feature everyone has wanted ever since then — g With data-mining apps hoping to sell your information for targeted ads, and government agencies only one subpoena away from knowing every detail of OS X is built upon a UNIX foundation, which grants you access to the benefits that UNIX offers, including the standard toolkit make, gcc, clang, git, perl, svn, size, strings, id, and a lot more via the command line developer tools, which are an essential if you're a develop Despite a few minor hiccups, the V20 has been attracting attention from all over for being an amazing phone.

But like with most Android phones, there's no better feeling than ro Trying to figure out which music streaming service to subscribe to can be a difficult task when the playing field is so crowded. Each has its benefits, as well as downsides, so finding the right one for your needs and wants can take a lot of overwhelming research.

But we've do Install it to start Welcome back, my novice hackers! In this series, we have been exploring how a forensic investigator can find evidence of illegal or illicit activity. Among other things, we have examined the registry and prefetch files for artifacts and have done some rudimentary forensic ana If you've been using Windows 10 for a while, you already know that Microsoft incorporated lots of new features into it. So you're probably familiar with Cortana the new voice assistant , the Edge browser their replacement for Internet Explorer , the newly resurrected Start m Historically, battery life has not been a strong suit for machines running Windows.

Poor decisions by hardware manufacturers combined with the resource-hogging behavior of Windows are to blame. However, Microsoft is trying to resolve this issue, once again, with the release of If you're using a mobile device, it's a pretty safe bet that your apps are sending lots of information back and forth from their servers.

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To make sure there is no inappropriate data collection going on, it's worth setting up a web proxy to spy on this traffic, so you know exac Amazon is slowly trying to gain as much influence in the tech world as it has in the consumer market, and with the Amazon Fire HD 7, they have their eyes set on taking on the "budget tablet" space. For the amount of money you spend on the Fire HD 7, you get a pretty decent ta Apple's macOS operating system is just as vulnerable to attacks as any Windows 10 computer or Android smartphone.

Hacker's can embed backdoors, evade antivirus with simple commands, and utilize USB flash drives to completely compromise a MacBook. In this always-updated guide, With just a few taps, an Android phone can be weaponized into a covert hacking device capable of running tools such as Nmap, Nikto, and Netcat — all without rooting the device. You've protected your Ubuntu system from physical attacks, annoyed network hackers, and sandboxed potentially malicious applications.

Now, the next logical steps to locking down your OS include thoroughly auditing Ubuntu for weak points, using antivirus software that re Android has several features built into the platform that improve user experience but require extra attention to prevent a security breach. By modifying these settings, you can drastically reduce the possibility of someone exploiting your device or intercepting information.

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Google has created an operating system that is fast, lightweight, and versatile enough to be adopted by pros and no When new Android versions come out, the modding community has to find new ways to root the OS. It's a fun cat and mouse game to follow, but it also means the process of rooting isn't exactly the same as it was the last time you did it. Android 10 changes how root works on a sy Android comprises an entire ecosystem of apps, games, functions, and features, so it would only make sense that it has its own lexicon.

Words, phrases, and acronyms that didn't exist ten years ago are now used in an off-the-cuff style by developers and support technicians acro We're nearly done getting our Mac set up for hacking. If you haven't checked out previous tutorials, I'd recommend you do so first before diving right into this one. Episode 6 of Mr.

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Robot has come and gone and, as usual, it did not disappoint. Once again, our hero, Elliot, has used his extraordinary intellect and hacking skills to awe and inspire us. In this episode, Elliot is being blackmailed by the ru While the Reminders app has been largely ignored by Apple for years, iOS 13 finally makes it a force to be reckoned with.

The app has been completely redesigned with easier navigation and more useful features that can compete with other task managers. After giving the new Remi The Pixel 3a came out of nowhere and flexed its muscles to show the industry that you can have a great phone without a hefty price tag. Since Pixel smartphones are first-party devices straight from Google, you can be sure you'll have root access one way or another.

For right n Since we wouldn't have Android without Google, everyone has come to realize that the Pixel smartphones are a prime example of what an Android smartphone should be. With so many unique software related features, no wonder people want that Pixel experience. OnePlus offers its O This year's big iPhone update, iOS 12, aims to solve many of the issues that arose during iOS 11's controversial, buggy tenure. Said needed updated Itunes. Itunes said it was up to date. So I check itunes. There is an itunes 7. So I tried to download it and it says I have to have at least OS How much does this upgrade cost?

And, except for going in to the actual store, how do I contact them for the disc without it costing me? Sep 26, PM in response to ccrider In response to ccrider Sep 28, AM in response to tysonhemelstrand In response to tysonhemelstrand.

Older versions of OS X eligible for upgrade

The best answer I have for all of us Instead of buying and upgrading to OSX I opted to buy the equivalent icloud storage as my iphone 4 16go which is roughly the same price as snow leopard, because they have reduced the price considerably for us stubborn So I chose an icloud back up which worked perfectly and now my Iphone 5 is working and up to date with all contacts, apps, photos etc So I bought iTunes match, which has been laborisly analysing and uploading all my iTunes library to the cloud, after which I download directly or stream onto my phone.

Sep 28, AM. It is possible to use IOS 6 and an iPhone 4 while running My problem is that my iPhone 5 just arrived and I am still running I was running on So apparently its OK. But you'll still be without music. Itunes match can cure that its all about money! I've a 3. So I was in the same boat, and still am but I've circumnavigated the bad apple!! Which its rather surprising that they dont suggest this solution to us Sep 28, PM. Oct 8, PM in response to tysonhemelstrand In response to tysonhemelstrand. All this downloading and screwing around mentioned on this board is a massive waste of time.

The easiest way to resolve synchronization is to buy a new mac and iphone and ipad every 2 or 3 years.

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Then have somebody update all your apps. That's what Apple wants us to do and that's what we should do. Oct 8, PM. Actually when I first got my iPhone 5 I could sync it with my itunes, but the update Depending on where you live, when you force a customer to update for something that was previously supported, you have to supply the required update free. Its not like Snow costs a lot, but like the OP there are plenty of people not interested in updating older equipment that runs fine with OSX Nov 7, PM.

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I have always been a loyal Apple customer; however, I am disappointed by the way Apple has treated the Power PC users; these computers are still wonderful but we are unable to upgrade them and now I can't even seem to sync my Iphone 4S. Any ideas? Dec 6, PM. Only the iPhone 5 requires iTunes Then close iTunes and double-click on the downloaded file to install When finished you should be able to sync your phone. May 12, AM in response to randers4 In response to randers4. May 12, AM.

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Installing Mac OS X 10.5 on a PowerBook G4

Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: tysonhemelstrand tysonhemelstrand. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: gdgmacguy gdgmacguy. Sep 23, PM in response to tysonhemelstrand In response to tysonhemelstrand No workaround that I can think of. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

User profile for user: sberman sberman. Sep 23, PM in response to tysonhemelstrand In response to tysonhemelstrand You can take your iPhone 5 to an Apple Store and they'll set it up for you. User profile for user: acarter89 acarter