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You will need to give this privilege key to anyone who needs Administrative access. You can only generate administrative keys from the TypeFrag. You will need to use the TeamSpeak 3 client interface to generate restricted access privilege keys. Select whether the privilege key will be for the server or a particular channel by selecting from the "Type" drop down.

If you select "Server Group" you will then select which predefined group the privilege key will grant access to: Guest, Normal, Server Admin. You can also define your own permission groups.

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For Channel Group privilege keys you will then select which channel the privilege key applies to. Click the "Create" button. This will populate the "Generated Privilege key" field with an alpha numeric key. You will need send this key to the person being granted the privilege.

Click the "Close" button. You will see the generated privilege key in the Privilege Keys window until it is used. You can remove keys before they are used. You can use a privilege key when connecting to a TeamSpeak3 server or use the key after having been logged into the server via the "Permissions" menu.

You must generate a privilege key and give it to anyone you wish to be a server administrator. See "How do I get a privilege key?

Teamspeak 3 Server [Windows]

You can create channels on your TeamSpeak 3 server using the TypeFrag. Click the "Edit Channels" link under the "My Server" grouping on the left side of the control panel. The Advanced tab will allow you to set a phonetic name for the text to speech function, set voice data encryption, and limit the number of allowed users in the channel.

The easiest way to get started is to use the Setup wizard. To start the Setup Wizard follows these steps:. You can set up advanced audio settings or troubleshoot from the TeamSpeak 3 options screens. To access the audio options follow these steps:. Use the "Playback Device" to select sound output device such as external speakers, USB Headphones or front panel headphones. You can set up your push to talk key with the Setup Wizard. To set up your push to talk key follow these steps. Click the button to the right of the "Push to talk" radio button.

You will see a gray square with "Press Hotkey Combination". Server Groups allow you to create unique permissions for a type of user. You could create further groups to distinguish between allied leadership and normal allied users. To Create a custom group follow these steps:. Click the green "plus" sign at the bottom left of the Permissions window to start creating a new group. Select a template to base the new group on, Server Admin, Guest or Normal. You will pre-load some permissions with the template, although all permissions will be editable after the group is created. Set the group options you desire.

Read each option carefully. Options are grouped into permissions sets such as "Administrate Server, Manage Groups, Administrate clients etc. You can select individual permissions after the group check box has been clicked. Users can then be assigned to the group or privilege keys can be generated to allow users to be added to the group. All of your permissions and memberships are connected to your unique identity.

That identity is connected to the specific TeamSpeak3 client installation that you initially sign into a server with. If you sign into the same server with a different computer your unique identity will be different. To have the same identity with multiple client installations you will need to export and import your identity. Select the Identity you wish to export from the list of identities in the left column.

Default identity is "Default" unless you created a new identity to associate with a particular server or permissions level. Click the "Yes" button on the "Warning" pop up dialog.

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The file you are saving is ALL of your privileges on the server. If someone gets a hold of an exported identity they can completely take over your identity. The file saved will be a. When joining a very crowded server the server will notify you of all the people currently in the channel. This can be very cumbersome with hundreds of notifications spamming through your audio. To turn off all notifications or just channel join notifications follow these steps:.

Log into your TypeFrag.

A temporary password allows you to grant access to your server or to just a specific channel. You can set time limits on a temporary password so that you can grant access for limited time periods to your server or channel. If your hostname is lithium.

How can i start the Mac server?

You can change the overall look and feel by applying a custom theme to TeamSpeak 3. You can create or download custom themes from many places around the internet. To apply a theme follow these steps at teamspeak. In order to change your TeamSpeak 3 server's Hosting Banner, you must first be logged in with an account that has administrative privileges on the server. Make sure you are a Server Administrator A shield with an "S" should appear to the right of your name. At the bottom-left side of the Manage Virtual Server window, click the "More" button.

If it already says "Less", skip this step. Note that the image must be accessible by a browser, and not stored on your home computer! You may optionally wish to change the "URL" field to point to your website. When users click on the banner, they will open a browser to this specified website. You may also optionally wish to change the "Gfx Interval", which is how many seconds the client waits to refresh the image.

Last, you may optionally wish to change the Resize property to the option of your choice. Try each option to see how it looks!

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The default channel type for a channel created from the TeamSpeak3 client interface is "Temporary" if not specified as permenant. That means that when there is no one in the channel it will disappear. If your channels disappear make sure you select "Permenant" when creating a channel using the TeamSpeak 3 interface. Alternatively all channels created using your TypeFrag.

How to Make a TeamSpeak 3 Server on Ubuntu 16.04

See How can I create a channel? When creating a channel via the TeamSpeak 3 client interface you can select a channel type of Temporary, Semi-Permanent and Permanent. Semi-Permanent channels will stay even when there is no one in the channel but will not continue past a server restart or server restore. Next, place a checkmark in the Advanced Permissions System checkbox.

Proper Way to Remove TeamSpeak 3 Client for Mac

The Advanced Permissions System checkbox is the third option available in the Misc section. Once you have done so, please click Apply, then OK, in the lower right corner of the Options window. Once you have enabled these permissions, you should be all set to remotely query your TeamSpeak 3 server status. Unfortunately, the developers of the TeamSpeak software have not and do not plan to implement this feature.

However, you can achieve similar results by configuring your TeamSpeak 3 server to Kick idle users after a certain amount of idle time has passed. In the left box of the Permissions window, under the Server Groups tab, please select Guest or whatever group you wish to apply this setting to. After you have done so, users in the Guest Group or whatever group you applied this setting to of your TeamSpeak 3 server will be automatically Kicked from your TeamSpeak 3 server after the specified idle time has been reached.

Once the Application Data folder is open, you can right-click on the TS3 Client folder and delete it. Once you have located TeamSpeak 3 in the Applications folder, you can drag it to your Trash in order to complete the uninstall. Call our customer support team toll-free at:. Also available on iPhone and Android.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the TeamSpeak server and TeamSpeak client software. Video tutorials walk you through common features in the TeamSpeak client and TeamSpeak server software.