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Recent speculation in the press regarding a declaration of loss followed the expression of a personal opinion only. Any information regarding MH, the search and recovery operations and any matters related to the missing aircraft will only be communicated by the Joint Agency Coordination Centre JACC. Malaysia Airlines is hopeful that we will find closure to this tragedy and we support and thank our government as well as the governments of Australia and China for their invaluable assistance in this time of crisis.

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The airline shares the pain and anguish of family members in having to deal and come to terms with this situation, as such we have assured them that locating the aircraft and recovering the flight data recorders remain the key priority. Every party involved in this complex operation is as determined as the families and Malaysia Airlines to find answers to our many questions. With regard to the level of compensation available pursuant to the Montreal Convention, or similar applicable legal regime, the airline has made it very clear that payments are determined by law to take account of proven passenger and family circumstances and will be assessed accordingly.

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Malaysia Airlines and its insurers remain steadfast to ensure that fair and reasonable compensation is paid to the families of all MH passengers in accordance with the law when the families are ready to discuss the issue. We have stated this publicly on many occasions and we reiterate that the airline will honour any commitments that we have made. The well-being of the family members is always our main priority, and we will continue to communicate on any updates as and when we have them.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of passengers and crew of MH MH search shows progress: Truss bit. Separate arrangements had been made to communicate with next-of-kin. Due to the presence of next-of-kin at the briefing, it was not appropriate to continue, and the briefing was cancelled.

The statement will be released to the media electronically once it has aired.

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Jom Iklan Facebook Twitter. Timbalan Menteri tarik balik kenyataan pesawat MH Siapakah Tentera D Tuduh Juruterbang Pengganas: Sekarang media barat Anak juruterbang MH tidak percaya spekulasi - " Di China Dr Maza peringat Ulama Muda konongnya aliran sala Agensi terus bata Media kita lapor tak? TAPI bukan terhempas d MH "Teknologi terkini pun tidak boleh mengatas MH Islam beri tempoh sehingga 4 tahun sabitk MH Aset Bukan Manggis? Objek dikesan belum disahkan, Najib umum MH Lautan Hindi - DS Najib bakal letak jawatan? Ahli K Kerajaan Malay Orang dari luar negara tampil membersihkan tanggap MH "Juruterbang bijak.

Cuma tidak mempunyai ma Live From Mendengar pengumu Kajang memilih PR Benarkah PAS tenggelam punca Ayuh tanam Nurul Izzah Hentikan se Pencarian M Kajang: Tayang seluar dalam A multinational search was mounted for the aircraft, first in the South China Sea and then over a large tract of land and sea west of Malaysia, including the Indian Ocean, when it was learned that the plane had veered off course and flown for seven hours after someone deliberately switched off the communication system on board.

The search then focused on two corridors, namely the northern corridor which stretches from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand, and the southern corridor which stretches from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean. After satellite imagery showed objects which looked like debris, military aircraft and ships of the multinational search team proceeded to the area in the southern Indian Ocean.

Najib said it would be unable to confirm any theory whatsoever put forward at this juncture on the disappearance of the flight until the black box, which contained the flight data recorder and voice data recorder, was found. It took two years to find the black box following the Air France tragedy when it was known where the aircraft had crashed, he said.

Najib said the government expressed its highest appreciation to the international organisations and the many countries which had extended their co-operation in the search for the missing aircraft. The media paid tribute to the passengers and crew and offered their condolences to the next-of-kin and families. The Star published the names of the passengers and crew in the number format on the front page and depicted the abbreviation R.

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  6. P rest in peace in bold font at the bottom of the page. The announcement concluded 17 days of search and rescue, which was considered the largest operation in the aviation history that involved 26 countries deploying their resources in search for the aircraft. Speculation shrouded on the mystery of the missing MH as until now no concrete answer could explain its disappearance until the aircraft black box is found.

    The prime minister said that though the real answer to the mystery of the lost aircraft could only be gleaned from the cockpit conversation recorded in the black box, a thorough investigation must be carried out in a professional manner and with commitment. This is a major tragedy which is heart-breaking for people in Malaysia and other nations. The police had recorded the statements of 50 individuals to help in investigation into the disappearance of the aircraft. Investigation was confined to the four aspects that were announced previously, namely the possibility of hijack, sabotage, the psychological conditions of the passengers and crew and personal problems of the passengers and crew.

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